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Cheesecake Cookies for Christmas

Let me start by saying I love cheesecake!  We’ve been in a long term relationship with no end in sight.  It’s a sweet relationship, and at times destructive.  Well, to my waistline anyway.  But I adore it just the same.  You can imagine my excitement when I ran across this recipe a few years ago.  I actually baked these cookies on the same day I found the recipe.  Since then, I make them several times a year.  They aren’t just for Christmas!  Be prepared though, these cookies will disappear faster than any other cookie you bake!  I took some to my neighbor last month and she came over the next day to tell me they disappeared.  Yep, she came over looking for more cookies!  I had to bake another batch.  Take a look at the recipe.  You’ll want to bake them ASAP!
CLICK HERE for recipe.

cheesecake cookies

Photo by Heat Oven to 350