What's for dinner? | Chicken Marsala | Stop! Save this recipe!

My Favorite Homemade Chicken Marsala

I’m going to stop you right now, and do you a huge favor!  You’re going to want to save this Chicken Marsala recipe.  Now!  Write it down, save it to your computer, or do what I do, and pin it on Pinterest!  I found this recipe about 5 or 6 years ago while I was browsing Facebook.  Since then, I’ve never looked back.  This is my go to recipe whenever I want to make Chicken Marsala.  It’s divine!  I usually serve it with pasta, but when I’m feeling decadent, I pair it with garlic mashed potatoes.  It’s a fairly simple dish to prepare, but it tastes like you took hours to make it!
CLICK HERE for complete recipe.