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What's for dinner? | Salad | BBQ Chicken Salad | Eating Light

Salad for dinner?  Why Not?   This BBQ Chicken Salad is awesome!  I’m looking forward to having one soon.  There are many reasons why I look forward to the weather warming up.  Mostly, I look forward to the sun, the water, and all the fun times that those things bring.  But another reason is we…

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What's for dinner? | Easy French Dip Sliders | Quick Meal

French Dip Sliders You know those nights when you’re running late, your husband is hungry, the kids are searching through cupboards, and you don’t want to deal with making a big production of dinner?  Of course you do!  We’ve all been there.  Sometimes you just need something quick, easy, and good!  This is that dish!…

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